Alik Khamiak


dj, producer from Grodno, Belarus

Roles: Performer
Looking for: Booker Label Manager Performer Promoter Venue

I have been dj-ing for over 10 years out of my hometown Grodno. Playing a lot of old disco records from the very beginning I was always interested in digging up good grooves in unexpected places and playing soviet and eastern european disco, funk, rock, new wave tracks in my sets. This slowly led to making edits because of notoriously bad recording and pressing quality on many of those old records. As time went on I got some recognition for those edits and my sets in general, also as the digger subculture has been become one of the noticeable niches in independent dance music with its constant hunger for obscure rare music that no other dj has played before you. Thus unlikely niche hits like "The Sky Is Blue" which I put out on now defunct German label Bahnsteig 23. As this was happening I started playing outside Belarus and getting to know people I have only heard before. I keep working on edits and getting back into my own productions, while looking for gigs has been put on the back burner until normal travel is possible. not to mention the intense situation in Belarus right now.