Sala Apolo to Take Part in Rapid Testing for 1,000 Concert Goers

2020-10-06 Barcelona

Sala Apolo with Primavera Sound will be participating in a test to determine if we can start indoor live shows again safely. They will take part in this experiment with Can Ruti hospital and la Fundación Lucha contra el Sida y las Enfermedades Infecciosas (The Fight AIDS and Infectious Diseases Foundation).

Sala Apolo will host around 1,000 people at a concert in October for the rapid test experiment. People will have to respect measures such as wearing face masks and washing their hands. Social distancing as well as having a seated setting will not be necessary for this event. 

The date of the gig is still not determined but all individuals will need to undergo a rapid antigen test the day of. Before doors open, half of the attendees will do a PCR test which will help the health professionals determine the effectiveness of the rapid tests as a strategy to use with large events. Eight days after the concert, a second rapid test will be performed on all individuals who attended and those who did the PCR test will have to do another one as well.

Such an experiment will measure the effectiveness of antigen tests for large scaled events as well as unravel the live concerts/nightlife situation today. It is important to determine if we can reactivate this part of the economy and any activity with a large public attendance.

Source: Catalan News