1. Be nice. No personal attacks.

  2. We are here to collaborate and help each other. If you don't like someone - leave them alone. If someone attacks you - please report them to [email protected]

  3. Be responsible. No repetitive spamming.

  4. Everybody wants attention, but if you flood the system with repetitive messages we will warn you about breaking the rules and maybe we will have to terminate your membership. So please be sensible and don't repeat the same messages multiple times.

  5. Be useful. Don't annoy people.

  6. You will get more from MXF if you contribute and share, build relationships and help other people out. We check the system for the most active members and give rewards to the most interesting contributors, so it pays to be useful. But don't be annoying. Hassling is not useful to anybody.

  7. Be relevant. Stay on the topic of music.

  8. This is a platform for hooking up with other musicians and making music. If you want to chat about other topics, you can do that on social networks or in private emails. On MXF let's keep it all about music.