Ksenija Ščedrova

DJ, producer and promoter from Riga/Latvia.

Roles: Label Performer Producer Promoter
Looking for: Booker Composer Creative Distributor Engineer Label Manager Manufacturer Performer Producer Promoter Venue

Domestically originating from a line of musician, I spent my life digging deeper into electronic & experimental music hence optimizing the assortment of ambient, deep house, nu jazz and IDM records. In 2003, that was an inspiration for Intelligent Beats radio show which exists till now. Same time, I started to perform as a DJ and organized my first party, which finally led to Platz fur Tanz label and leaving the office life forever (hopefully). Having good connections with artists through all these years, in year 2017 a team of true music fans including me have decided to organize electronic music festival called UNDER in Riga. The festival has became a good tradition and is happening annually. Currently I live in Tbilisi still being active supervisor for Riga underground scene.