Alex Krik

Art & Creative Director of the city of Gomel

A person completely immersed in the world of music. Organizer of art exhibitions, festivals and parties.

Roles: Composer Creative Label Manager Manufacturer Performer Retailer Tech
Looking for: Booker Composer Creative Manager Manufacturer Performer Producer Tech

I am 25 years old and all my life I have lived in the city of Gomel. After completing my education as a programmer, I realized that I wanted to devote my career to the music world. Now I play with two bands in indie rock and post-punk genres. All of my income comes from working as a DJ and creative director at a coffee shop chain. The last year I have devoted myself to organizing art exhibitions, night parties and local festivals. Before the pandemic, he actively performed in different cities of his country and sometimes the near abroad. I am making plans to open a music studio in order to create an alternative cultural environment for the city of Gomel.