We are constantly looking for talent and rewarding the most awesome MXF members. Keep an eye on our competitions and keep making great music!

Win a record deal

We are looking for a great track made by an international collaboration of MXF members. The winning track will get a special record deal with our partners state51. We will provide mastering, distribution, a marketing plan and internet hygiene services. We will also be spending 200 on advertising the winning release. The best thing is – you keep your rights and receive all the profits!

  • One track only, so pick your best one
  • Track must be made by at least two MXF members from at least two different countries
  • Creators can join MXF at any time, give them your referral link (find it on your Profile page) 
  • Track can be fully mastered or an unmastered mixdown
  • Innovation, creativity and originality are the ways to win our attention
  • We will set the perfect release strategy and schedule for you
  • Deadline is December 31st 2020
  • If you need any help with finishing your track, just ask your Deputy or write to us on the Help page

Get your friends together, find new friends in new cities, get writing and get your entry to us before the end of the year!

Click here to enter the record deal competition


Congratulations to Matt from Vilnius, winner of our first mastering competition. He will be collaborating with Lohan from Bordeaux on the mixdown and mastering, and MXF is paying the bill.

We're running the free mastering competition again.
The new deadline is November 30th. We're looking for finished tracks in any genre, so get to work, export that final version and send it to us!

Click here to enter the free mastering competition


Our partners state51 are offering distribution deals to members who have innovative and creative recordings to share with the world. Send us your links and we'll discuss your options with our colleagues in London. It doesn't matter if you are just starting out or you already have a label and a long discography, we're here to help. If your stuff is really innovative, you might be selected for financial help.

Send us your demos