• Why Join MXF?

    Our mission is to catalyse as many international collaborations as possible, helping to create and promote innovative new music all over the world.

    We're building connections between musical communities in more than 100 cities like yours. We're providing support, training, funding and friendship for people like you, and for people who are looking for people like you. If you make music, organise musicians or promote releases and events – this is the international organisation to be part of.

    Here's what you'll get when you join:

    • Access to a network of musicians and music industry professionals around the world
    • Competitions for funding and travel opportunities
    • Finding talent, management, labels and suppliers
    • Pitching products to UK music company state51
    • A library of legal advice, business resources and templates
    • Access to members-only industry news, events and conferences

    Let's get together to build our skills and connections so we can come out of this crisis more powerful than ever!

    You can join here or ask questions here. We're happy to help, that's our job.